About Us

Larry Noto is one of the most funny and honest guys you will ever meet. His unique perspective on life in the “Big City” as well as his obsession with Muppets, sports and the history of film and comedy have helped Larry become one of the most recognized names in the Baltimore community. Although single, Larry has enough OCD, emotional baggage and insecurities to make someone a fine wife someday. To learn more about Larry or to see where he is performing live, check out larrynoto.com.

Garth Gerhart is probably most known for his over-use of hair product and his comic series “Bitterman” that appears in MAD Magazine. Although married with 3 kids, Garth always seems to make time trolling on the internet, picking up a new addiction or convincing his friends that he only watches “Teen Mom” for the social commentary and NOT because he is worried that Gary is going to get back with Amber even after she promised that be a better mom to Leah.


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