You shave my back…..

UnknownCurious as to how 2 Guys deal with stubborn back hair, over-crowded gyms and sexy UPS men? Then, boy are you in for a treat! Listen as our heroes talk grooming habits, exercising rituals and life insurance fraud. It’s a mind expanding, life-contemplating episode. Don’t miss it!



Hello Kitty!

AUnknownfter a brief hiatus, the 2 Guys fondly reunite over belated gift exchanges, surviving the “Super Storm” and Hollywood’s biggest night! All while suppressing their urges to give that dirty, little kitty what he’s asking for!

The Sexorcist

What could be scarier this Halloween than 2 Guys talking about relationships,sex and FrankenStorm? Perhaps when 1 Guy has taken too many sips from the Halloween Grog. This is one podcast you don’t want to miss…and Larry would prefer he forget.

Tigers, Hawks and Heroes, Oh My!

Join our heroes as they battle on-going sinus infections, entitled kids and racism in this action packed hour! Learn the mystery of why Larry can’t recall the 80’s and the true identity of the hero, Black Hammer! ¬†Witness the rise of Baltimore baseball and the fall of good taste! It’s all here! It’s all new and it’s all FREE!

Baby Mamma Drama

Join Larry and Garth as they rise with the sun to discuss the fallout from their first podcast. Hear Garth grovel and apologize as Larry struggles to explain his bathroom antics while in a Sudafed-induced state. The 2 Guys also talk about their favorite comedies and dramas and make their predictions for the 2012 Emmys! Yeah, it’s mostly like hearing 2 women cackle under hairdryers at a Salon….

You Call Them 2 Guys 1 Wall…Doll!

Welcome to the first podcast! After over 8 hours of sitting together during an Indiana Jones movie Marathon. Much like our movie idol, our path to creating our first podcast was filled with danger, romance and a hatred of Germany. So, sit back and listen to two average guys fumble their way through the soft virgin walls of audio technology and breakdown their brief history and dissect the rise and fall of one of America’s greatest action icons.